Elastochem and Bryan Baeumler

Elastochem's industry leading Insulthane Extreme, the only Canadian Approved Spray Foam System with a GWP of 1, is now the Spray Foam of choice for Bryan on HGTV's House of Bryan and Leave it to Bryan.

Elastochem becomes Baeumler Partner

By selecting Insulthane® as his spray foam of choice, Bryan Baeumler will be exclusively using these materials for all of his projects. This material was identified as the most environmentally friendly solution and efficient insulation for Canadians.

Insulthane Extreme and Baeumler

Over the past 5 years Elastochem has spent significant time and resources developing the new, industry leading, Insulthane Extreme. This fourth generation spray foam system represents the shared commitment from Elastochem and Baeumler to promote products that are the most environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Elastochem and Baeumler Approved

It is with great excitement that we announce a new partnership between Elastochem, Bryan Baeumler and the Baeumler Approved accreditation program. The Baeumler Approved program was developed by Bryan to fill a niche in the home renovation, improvement and servicing market by providing homeowners with access to the highest quality professionals who have been vetted for excellence and are backed by the Baeumler brand.

Elastochem Specialty Chemicals has a proven track record of delivering industry-leading products and implementing the highest standards for ensuring contractor training and quality. Elastochem was the first manufacturer to implement a Field Quality Assurance Program (FQAP) in accordance with ISO 17024 Certification. The new FQAP ensures that all our contractors are trained, knowledgeable and are operating safely and in accordance with regulatory requirements. The Baeumler Approved program expands on these efforts to introduce industry best practices, including quality of work, scheduling and budget commitments as well as job site professionalism. Through our FQAP program and the Baeumler Approved partnership, we aim to provide homeowners with the utmost confidence in selecting the right SPF contractor.

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"Our goal is to give you the peace of mind of knowing that you are dealing with someone who has been vetted for quality of service, insurance and professional certifications."
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