Wrapsulate® Foam Jacket

One Product, Four Control Layers

Introducing Wrapsulate® Foam Jacket

Wrapsulate is a new, CCMC approved, 1 pcf water- blown, open-cell spray polyurethane foam insulation. Wrapsulate combines some of the physical traits of other products that are already familiar in the construction industry. However, it is also unique in that it is an open- cell spray polyurethane foam that can be used in exterior applications. When used in an exterior application, Wrapsulate creates a "Foam Jacket" around the building structure. That foam jacket provides all four of the basic control functions required of the building enclosure.

The Four Basic Control Functions

Water Control Layer

Wrapsulate provides the water control layer. The material's surface rapidly sheds water. The body of the foam does not readily wick water and it is resistant to water penetration under head pressures. Wrapsulate foam creates a continuous drainage plane over the surface of the assembly.

Thermal Control Layer

Wrapsulate acts as the thermal control layer. Wrapsulate is a water-blown foam insulation that provides competitive thermal resistance with the lowest possible Ozone Depletion and Global Warming Potentials (lowest ODP and GWP). Wrapsulate foam creates a continuous insulation layer over the building.

Seamless Fully-Adhered Air Barrier

Wrapsulate provides a seamless fully-adhered air barrier at thicknesses over 1.5 in. The foam aggressively bonds to most substrates, sealing small holes an cracks, to create a continuous air barrier system that is integral with the thermal control layer.

Water Vapour Control Layer

Wrapsulate encourages drying of the wall assembly. The product has a relatively high water vapor permeance so, while air cannot move through it, water vapor can diffuse, facilitating drying of any built-in or incidental moisture, just like high quality outdoor gear.

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The FIRST Vapour Permeable Exterior Polyurethane Foam used as a Thermally Insulated Sheathing Membrane.